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Chad Morgan Regal Zonophone Collection - the Singles and Beyond 3CD

Price: $29.95

Finally released Aug 2002, 65 songs on 3cds from the beginning in 1952. Track List: The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek, You Can Have Your Women I'll Stick To My Booze, The Shotgun Wedding, The Bachelors Warning, The Duckinwilla Dance, The Answer To The Bachelors Warning, It's No Fun, Chasing Sorts In Childers, The Psychiatrists Joy From Kingaroy, Going Home, The Dinkum Dill, The Sheik Goes Courting, The Tough Cane Cutter From The Isis, The Fatal Wedding, What I Am, Who's Going To Pay For The Wedding, How It Started, When The Whips Are Cracking I'll Be There, Nobody Else But Little Me, The Night I Went Below, The Juvenile Delinquent, Take Warning Friend, Funny Darned Cattle These Women, You Just Can't Win, Here I Am, Since Dear Mother Died, Come In Sucker, The Rooster Crowed, The Farmyard Yodel, You're Getting Old Son, There's No Night Out At The Jail, How Dare You Go To Bed, Oh So Nice In The Nuthouse, Nothing Now Stirs At The Farmhouse, The Shearer's Jamboree, The Party In The Local Hotel, The Horrors, Buy Buy Buy, Ode To The Little Brown Shack, No Help Wanted (With Eddie Tapp), Truckloads Of Starvin' Kangaroos, Things I See Through The Bottom Of My Glass, The Taterville Women's Auxiliary Sewing Circle, The Moon Is High And So Am I, In A Cemetery, The Crow Flying Backwards, I'm My Own Grandpa, If I Could Just Go Back And Know What I Know Now, If You Can't Bite Don't Growl, On The Social Service, Etiquette Blues (Thank You For Your Very Kind Attention), Better Times A Comin', The Three Ply Coffin, Women Do Funny Things, Getting Younger, Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down (With Eddie Tapp), I'll Just Get Stoned This Afternoon, A Lover's Plea, Cobb And Co, Drinking Man, Here's To The Ladies, Just The Same, Problem Child, The Thrashing Machine, The Legend.


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