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Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 7

First released January 2006. track List: Jeff Gibson - My Old Cooloolah Home, Ashley Cook - Ride Ringer Ride, David Croser -Teach Me, Show Me, I Can Do My Part, Graham Rodger - Where The Cooper Flows, Terry and Jenny Bennetts - The Soldier With His Banjo, John P. Toomey - The Legend Of The Outback - DIGGER DOUG LANGMAN (SINGER), Ned Winter - Bear Dog, Chris Strohfeld - Coster’s Ghost, Frank Sargent - Bazza’s Way, Des Morgan - Old Bindi, Graham Butterworth - Just Passing Through, John P. Toomey - The Bushman’s Reward - PETER RILEY (SINGER), Ron & Rae Bywater - When The Blue Misty Mountains Turn To Gold, Graeme Coates - Two Old Mates, Dorrie Muller - Old Jim, Merve Webster - The Man Who Had Tried, Pete Smith - Shadow Of Mt. Lindesay, Peter Coad - The Wilds Of A Nation, Amos Morris - The Last Goodbye, Coad Sisters - The Man From The Never Never (INSTRUMENTAL)
Brief Bios and Artist Contacts supplied inside cover insert for all artists.


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