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Bush Balladeers


Amos Morris Life Goes On  [More Info]
Following his 2009 Golden Guitar win for vocal collaboration along with Warren H Williams and John Williamson, it appears Amos is well on his way to stardom. He won his first Golden Guitar back in 2008 for the Anne Kirkpatrick produced album ʻSi


Anita Ree Bush Girls Heart   [More Info]
Bush Girls Heart, Endless Road, Saltwater Creek Sliprails, Ten Bucks Of Fuel, Itching Feet (With Tracy Coster), Ballad Of Joe Daley, Dust And Diesel, Grandad’s Song, Didn't But Still Could, Tattooed Not Tailored, Madly Barking, Past Carin', Picanninn


Anita Ree Story Songs   [More Info]
Following the success of ‘BUSH GIRLS HEART’ this much anticipated album will capture the hearts of Australians with its stories of our people, places and our way of life. The first single ‘Auctioneer’ is a song Anita wrote after a day at the Murgon


Anita Ree Under The Blue Australian Sky   [More Info]
Under The Blue Australian Sky, Muddy Mary River, Guaranteed To Last, Three Cracks Of The Whip, Sunlander Van, Learning To Ride, Cold Wind, Little Aussie Schools, Answers Of The Call, Old Cow Bales, Ron The Roughrider, Joy And Slim.


Ashley Cook Beneath The Queensland Moon  [More Info]
Big Cod Fishing Hole, Trains, Beneath The Queensland Moon, The Road To Kakadu, Drovers Lament, Happy Birthday Mate, A Bushman's Life, The Dam On The Dawson, I'm A Dragline, The Gympie Horse Stampede, Memories, Another


Ashley Cook Cattle Dust & Leather   [More Info]
Paddy, Calling It A Day, Stringybark And Greenhide, A Ringer In The Making, The Last Of Her Line, Cattle Dust And Leather, Ride Ringer Ride, The Chestnut The Old Man And Heeler, Lead Me Down To The Stockyard (With Kimberley Cook),


Ashley Cook I Remember Buddy Williams  [More Info]
September 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of Buddy's first recording, and if he were here today, I know he'd have a big wide grin on his face listening to this album. Ashley has remained true to the bush ballad and performs the songs in


Barry Benning and Friends  [More Info]
Recorded in Tamworth studios of LBS Records, Barry Benning delivers 4 delightful instruments and another three that feature Lindsay Butler. Also featured on the album, Shaza Leigh, Tom Maxwell, Ashley Cook and Brian Young.


Barry K & Lin Chandler The Highways of Life  [More Info]
The Highways of Life, our 9th album where the songs says just that. From truck driving to coal mining. Let me take you on a journey down my road from the past. Follow my dust!


Bec Hance All About Mates  [More Info]
Bec Hance’s latest album “All About Mates” contains 14 tracks of Bec's unique style which has made her one of Australian much loved singer/song writers. She travels the country side bringing her love for singing and song writing to all.


Bec Hance The Tranquility  [More Info]
I’ll Cry, The Bushfire, The Bullocky, I Fall, The Tranquillity, Lou and Ray, Just Add Water, Jack The Dog, My Mother’s Words, You’ll Find a Bloke, He Don’t Go To Church on Sundays, A Fishing Song.


Bob Easter By Request   [More Info]
Ramblin' Shoes, The Old Gidgee Tree, The Coloured Lad, Australian Bushman, Do You Think That I Do Not Know, Back Where He Belongs, It Takes A Drought, Saddle Boy, The Old Man's Kingdom, Song For The Lonely, Just Rollin', Log Book Blues.


Brian Letton A Little Bit of Irish In Us All  [More Info]
‘… in the late eighties I found myself packing up all my worldly belongings and my family and leaving behind my beloved home state of WA and heading east into the unknown in pursuit of a dream. And for the past twenty years I guess I have been living


Brian Letton Somewhere Over the Rainbow  [More Info]
Over the Rainbow, Mansion on The Hilltop, What a Friend We have in Jesus, I Know A Man Who Can, Across The Bridge, In The Garden, The Poorest Millionaire, On The Wings of A Dove He, Royal Telephone, The Nightwatch, From The Shelter of the Cross, I Sa


Brian Letton Timeless  [More Info]
Timeless is a good way of describing the talent of Brian Letton. His first album for LBS was back in 1989 and since then he's recorded 18 albums, resulting in numerous hit singles. Brian's covered all genres of country from bush


Brian Young The Last of the Travelling Showmen  [More Info]
That Old Wheel (duet with Troy Cassar-Daley), Champion In The Making (duet with Royden O’Donohue), Land Of The Flying Jabiru, Round And Round (duet with Shaza Leigh), Big Fella Wudumbah (duet with Troy Cassar-Daley), Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Annie, I


Charley Boyter Axe Mark On A Gidgee  [More Info]
Guitar great Charley Boyter has released his new 12 track album which features instrumentals and vocals, and includes the 2008 Gold Guitar final instrumental, “Tanami Track”, recorded with Alisha Smith. Other collaboration tracks are “Find Another Li


Dean Perrett A Thousand Campfires   [More Info]
A Thousand Campfires, Rain Rain Rain, We're Doing Fine (With Anne Kirkpatrick), Blaxland Wentworth Lawson, Akubras In The Snow, Fool's Gold, Then He'll Ride, Charley Guitar, Intro To The Cannon Hill Ghosts, The Cannon Hill Ghosts, The Dust Of Kalkado


Dean Perrett Cattle Town  [More Info]
A two time Golden Guitar finalist for Bush Ballad of the Year and award winner of two Southern Star Independent Country Music Awards for Heritage track of the year, Dean launches another great Ballad album with Stuie French’s production


Dean Perrett I Am The Land  [More Info]
Recording this album in Nashville was something of a gamble for Dean Perrett: it meant he would face criticism for producing Australia’s very own musical genre overseas. But it was a punt that paid off. This is a bush ballad album full of heart an


Dean Perrett My Bush Heritage  [More Info]
"I am pleased to let you know that my latest album offering titled "My Bush Heritage" was released at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2013. This album is my 11th album and includes 13 great Bush Ballad tracks that I have enjoyed ...


Dean Perrett New Traditions   [More Info]
Channel Country Ringer, He'll Never Win The Open, Jewel Of The Newell, Packhorse And Waterhole, Over The Hill (Duet With Tracy Coster), Would Clancy Be Welcome, Between Two Worlds, The Man From Never Never, Minstrel's Daughter, Two Old Mates (With Je


Dean Perrett Return Of The Stockman  [More Info]
It's as good a balladeer band as any singer would want for – Slim’s bass player and producer Rod Coe, together with one of Slim’s classic guitar pickers in Charley Boyter, and Stuie French on the desk, delivering this “live in the studio” album of st


Dean Perrett The Shelter of the Cross  [More Info]
Recorded in Nashville and produced by Larry Marrs, this album features some great Bluegrass supremo’s. The album consists of 13 bluegrass tracks, four from Dean’s own pen together with some great Bluegrass Gospel classics such as “When They Ring Thos


Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson - Looking Back: Di & Pete Sing Rick & Thel  [More Info]
Welcome to a selection of songs dedicated to two of Australia's best-known country music entertainers Rick and Thel Carey; and didn't they have some good songs? Rick and Thel Carey, are two of Australia's country music pioneers


Dianne Lindsay All Things Country  [More Info]
1. Part Of Me 2. R.M. 3. Akubras In The Snow 4. That Old Blue Dog Of Mine 5. Chimney In The Paddock 6. On The Night Train 7. Stoke's Trail 8. Last Of The Sunshine Cowboys 9. Dog Without His Mack 10. Living In The Shadow Of Horseshoe 11. Lea


Dianne Lindsay Heartbeat of Australia  [More Info]
Cooper After Rain, The Message, Heartbeat of Australia, Jackie Howe, Shadows Of The Redgums, Long Road Home (with Anne Kirkpatrick), House Down Willow Lane, When Rivers Run, Country All The Way (with Reg Lindsay), Kellie's Eyes, Gai Waterhouse, St. P


Dianne Lindsay Memories and Dreams   [More Info]
I'm pleased to present these songs with a true country feel, in a traditional style. There are some of my favourite songs here on the album and there are some that have special meaning for my family. It's important to me to have a traditional feel to


Doug Dayman We'll Meet Again My Friends   [More Info]
1. We'll Meet Again My Friends 2. When The Rain Tumbles Down In July 3. Storms Never Last 4. We're From This Land 5. Grandpa's Piano 6. Plains of Peppimenarti 7. 'til a Tear Becomes A Rose 8. The Fiddle on the Wall 9.


Ernie Constance A Dinkum Bushman's Hands   [More Info]
A Dinkum Bushman's Hands, In Conversation's Name, Bog-A-Frog, Trading My Crown For A Ring, The Worse For Wear, Parker Bros., Addicted To The Highway, The O.P. Brand, If You Should Change Your Mind, Things I See Around Me, The Streets Of Hell, Footste


Ernie Constance Goin' Walkabout   [More Info]
Released July 2006. Track List: Goin' Walkabout, Breakaway, Another Old Soldier, Burrunga Boy, The Tumut Valley, Take My Hand (With Lynette Guest), That Old Hat, David, The Dancers, Seems Like The Suns Going Down, Up And Coming Youngster, Hungry Catt


Ernie Constance Milestones  [More Info]
Well, here it is Album No. 6, I believe it is a milestone album for me, my first with producer Stuie French. My music career has been an incredible journey for me. When I started out I had no grand plan, nothing mapped out, taking one step


Ernie Constance The Songs I Wrote For Slim  [More Info]
17 original songs from the Ernie Constance bush ballad pen, all previously recorded by Slim Dusty. Includes: 1. Things I See Around Me 2. The Annual Rodeo Ball 3. Like A Family To Me 4. Fill Er Up 5. Saddle Up And Ride 6. Just Can't Mi


Gavan Arden Back To The Brumby Country  [More Info]
Over the years, I’ve had many requests to re-release the two albums I recorded as “Jim Brumby” back in the 70’s.On this CD are brand new recordings of the 16 most requested songs. Join Me now on a musical journey… back to the Brumby Country.


Gavan Arden Made In Australia  [More Info]
Gavan's new album for 2011, vocally very much in the style of Stan Coster, a real bush ballad performance with a dozen original songs. Songs: 1. Made In Australia, 2. The Miracle (In The Bush), 3. Wattles In Heaven with Jenni Arden, 4. Up To Pret


Glenn Jones Brumbies Run  [More Info]
The New Release for the Australian Outback Spectacular star Glenn Jones is "Brumbies Run", a 16 track album that is jam packed full of horse ballads and includes the massive poem "The Man From Snowy River". We add our Congratulations to Glenn & Reg


Glenn Jones Jonesy   [More Info]
Released independently September 2003. Track List: Cane To Cotton, Dusty Lady, Time And Distance, Nellie Budgerie, The Glenden Track, My Angel Of Goulburn Hill, The Blackmare In The Furrow (Duet With Dad), Red Sunrise, Outback Drought, That Little Bu


Glenn Jones Jonsey Sings Reg Poole  [More Info]
He's called the gentle Giant, he's a mountain of a man, he's spent a lifetime singing and travelling around the land. I respect him for his mateship and the songs he loves to sing. I'm inspired by his music so I write these lines for him and if you l


Glenn Jones Something Of A Privilege   [More Info]
Black Snow Town, Something Of A Privilege, Down The Bucketts Road, Koori Blues, Southerly Change, Woman Of The Plains, Against The Mighty Darling, Cecil’s Pride, The Ghosts Of Memory Lane, Vegemite On Toast, In The Outback, We Remain (With Ian Quinn)


Graham Rodger A Gypsy's Life   [More Info]
Graham's 2004 independent release. A Gypsy's Life, The Matilda Highway, Beyond The Dream, Trucks Are In My Blood, Huts Of The High Country, It's All In The Game, Let's Keep Australia Australia, Middleton Hotel, Shindig At The Glenreagh Pub, Daddy's


Graham Rodger Changing Years  [More Info]
Brand new 2013 release, again produced at Michael Fix's Parkland studio. More of those great bush ballad stories. 1. The Ghan 2. The Colours Of Australia 3. Changing Years 4. Empty Plate 5. Anzac On The Wall 6.Heart Of The Kimberley 7.


Graham Rodger Muster On The Great Divide   [More Info]
Muster On The Great Divide, Down At The Pub On A Friday Night, The Bushman, Old Furlong, Jessie May, In Answer To The Bush Balladeers, Happy Just To Know That You're Mine, A Tale From The North, My Old Akubra Hat, Clancy Of The Overflow, What Country


Graham Rodger Shadows Across The Moon  [More Info]
“As I travel around and meet many people they give or tell wonderful stories about their lives, their great grandparents, grandparents or their parents. It is these discussions that inspired me to write songs on this album.


Graham Rodger Stronger For It All  [More Info]
Golden Guitar Winner 2013! Comprising 13 new tracks, Stronger For It All, Graham’s latest album release continues telling stories of the fortitude, strength, courage and hardships faced and overcome by our pioneers, our fighting forces and by the men


Graham Rodger The Fire Within Me  [More Info]
This new album captures the way I feel about this beautiful land, its people, their courage and our way of life. It took quite a while to come up with the final batch of songs, eight of which were written by myself and the other five sourced from oth


Graham Rodger They Answered The Call  [More Info]
1. Australia’s Colonial Sons 2. The Naked Army 3. Australia Will Be There 4. Fallen Comrades* 5. Beersheba 6. Such A Shame 7. Anzac On The Wall 8. The Three Letters 9. I Must Go Back 10. Angels Without Halos 11. The Battle


Graham Rodger This Land  [More Info]
Graham Rodger brings us his 13th release with 'This Land' featuring the highly anticipated single “An Affair Of The Heart”, a duet with Sara Storer. "I was delighted when Sara confirmed her interest in recording and she has certainly taken the song


Graham Rodger This Old Guitar Of Mine   [More Info]
This Old Guitar Of Mine, Tonesie, The Wheels Of Cobb & Co, Missing In Action, The B & S Ball, Santa's New Rig, Country Towns, Burke And Wills, True Blue Country, I Never Meant To Hurt You, Why Do We Write, Where The Cooper Flows.


Graham Rodger Thunderbolt   [More Info]
First Issue January 2007. Prior to the release of the CD Thunderbolt, one song "Woman on The Land" won the National Songwriting Contest of Australia 2007, and "Thunderbolt" reached the final top five songs. This Album contains songs from the Heart an


Graham Rodger We're Gonna Be Alright  [More Info]
1. We're Gonna Be Alright 2. The First Lady of Country 3. The Almond Tree 4. A Hat Like That 5. The Barcaldine Cup 6. Relief 7. From Banjo's Pen 8. Guilty or Not Guilty 9. Unsuitably Dressed 10. A Small Pain In His Chest 11. The Touch of Th


Greg Bain Staying True  [More Info]
1. The Man That Shaped the Steel, 2. Kimberley Skies, 3. Just Call Me Mate, 4. No Going Back, 5. The Lame Fiddler, 6. When the Moon Across The Bushland Beams, 7. Queensland Drover, 8. The Ballot, 9. Fishin With Me Dad, 10. The Sulky, 11. The Pony Of


Jeff Brown Hard To Let Go  [More Info]
Here’s Jeff’s new album released it in October 2012. “It was a great feeling to get another album out there especially since it was almost 5 years after the last one came out. This latest CD was produced by Stuie French at


Jeff Brown Harvest Time Again   [More Info]
Double Sided Disc - Mate I'm Feeling Lucky (Video), Counting The K's, Old Ringer Sam, A Good Horse, Harvest Time Again, Clancy Of The Overdraft, Lakes Creek Judas Bullocks, Beneath The Green And Gold, Poisoned Paradise, The Horses That Died, Torn Bet


Jeff Brown Mate I'm Feelin' Lucky   [More Info]
Released October 2004; Mate I'm Feelin' Lucky, Sandy Kid, The Jacaranda Tree, If Those Lips Could Only Speak, For The Man Upon The Land, Plonky Joe, Boots & All, Send 'Er Down Hughie, Bucking Reins & Bullropes, Where The Yellow Kapocks Bloom, My Youn


John O'Dea Storyteller  [More Info]
John O'Dea is a bloke from a South Australian town called Orroroo, and Storyteller is the title of John's third album. As we have come to expect, John has certainly raised the bar with album #3. He really is a storyteller, with a voice


Johnny Greenwood 50th Anniversary Album 1963-2013  [More Info]
1. Australia's Bert Hinkler (Johnny Greenwood) 2. Jindawarrabell (Smoky Dawson) 3. A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A (Johnny Greenwood) 4. The Little Kangaroo (Kevin Shegog) 5. Just Saddle Old Darky (Joy McKean) 6. Mary My Wildflower Sweetheart (Johnn


Johnny Greenwood There's Still A Country Boy In Me   [More Info]
1. There's Still A Country Boy In Me* 2. The Ballad Of Forby Sutherland* 3. How Ya Goin' Mate* 4. Roses And Crinolines* 5. The Rescue From Beaconsfield Gold Mine 6. Mum And Dad's Waltz 7. My Old Australian Home* 8. A Beautiful Pla


JR Williams Mustering Time  [More Info]
One of the finest hard working performers in the industry JR is at his best in front of a crowd, what you see with him is what you get. Born and raised in the country, it is probably the intimate daily contact with the land that gives


Kedron Taylor Every Place I Go  [More Info]
This Long out of print classic is available again. Contains the classic "Old Holden Waltz" and the ever popular "Inner City Suburbs 4WD Association". "I Love It Here", "Biggest Disappointment",


Keith Jamieson & Alisha Smith Our Bush Ballad Family  [More Info]
A collection of bush ballads and instrumental tracks that best reflect Keith and Alicia’s love for their “bush ballad family”. Guest artists include Matt Manning and Charley Boyter. The album is dedicated to all of the bush ballad fans around Austral


Keith Jamieson & Alisha Smith Rhythm & Rhyme  [More Info]
Released January 2009, co-produced by Terry Bennetts in Western Australia, Ian Simpson assisting on guitar and banjo. "We feel it is our best album we have recorded so far, Terry has done a terrific job producing the album for us and we are


Keith Jamieson A Picture Of Australia   [More Info]
A Picture Of Australia, I Did It My Way, The Blue Gum Tree Ball, Gibson Express (Inst By Alisha Smith & Matt Manning), May We Never Forget, Carve A Cross For Me On A Bottle Tree, Ghosts Of The Golden Mile, Warrigal Creek (Inst. By Alisha Smith), I'm


Keith Jamieson Jammo – 25 Years On The Road Of Song   [More Info]
Good Morning Australia, The Year 2000 Australian Bushman, Overnighter, The Ballad Of Mulga Dan, Old Time Ringer, I Did It My Way, Capella Rodeo, Blue Gumtree Ball, Let's All Buy Australian, Solar Powered Ringer, The Early Morning Country Show, Oil Ri


Keith Jamieson Looking Back Along the Track  [More Info]
4 finalists from this album were in the 2013 Bungendore Stan Coster Memorial Awards! 1.Contact Dust Off, 2. Dust And Diesel, 3. Drover’s Garden, 4. Norstock Rodeo, 5. Looking Back, 6. My Australia, 7. Gidgee Blossom, 8. Merbien Rodeo, ...


Ken 'Chainsaw' Lindsay From Cross Cut To Chainsaw  [More Info]
Grandfather Quandong, A Word To Texas Jack, From Cross Cut To Chainsaw, Kangabloodyroos, Nowhere Else, Diamantina Drover, Sweeney, Shopping On A Saturday, Everything Except, Home In Dirranbandi, Heaven's Party, Loosin' My Blues Tonight.


Ken 'Chainsaw' Lindsay The Night I Saved John Wayne  [More Info]
"The Night I Saved John Wayne" is the brilliant new album from Wauchopes own Ken 'Chainsaw' Lindsay! The album features 12 tracks including Aubrey & Martin’s - "Lights of Wollongong", Brian Young's "Big Fella Wadumbah" and what would


Lana Ross Restless Wind  [More Info]
1. Chorus Of the Bushland, 2. The Walls, 3. Home Is The Whitsundays, 4. The Murray River Song, 5. Calling You Home, 6. Cat Yella, 7. Little Western Gully, 8. A Cowgirls Life, 9. What Do You See Through Your Eyes, 10. Restless Wind


Melissa Bajric Small Town Girl   [More Info]
Blue Mountain Melody, Sunshine Rain, Small Town Girl, Truck Drivin' Man, Morning Bird, Luckiest Girl, Are You Wasting My Time, Listen To The Rain, Little Girl In Me, Wind-Up Gramophone, Something Good, Too Long Between Drinks.


Norma O'Hara Murphy Solid Gold  [More Info]
1. Hall O'Fame 2. The Cuttin' Song 3. I'm A Cowgirl 4. Texas To Tamworth (Texas Waltz) 5. Farther Down The Line 6. Warwick Rodeo 7. Solid Gold 8. Roughrider 9. Bundarra Dust 10. Paddy William 11. Gone Drovin' 12. Moonbi Range 13. Reflect


Pete Denahy Wishbone Road   [More Info]
GOLDEN GUITAR WINNER! The Wind Blows Cold On The Mountain is the first single from Pete Denahy's new album called Wishbone Road. All the songs on the album have been inspired by the gold rush days of Pete’s home town of Yackandandah in Victoria.


Pete Smith Bygone Days  [More Info]
G'day folks, I trust you'll enjoy my 8th album. I decided to record some of those old hillbilly songs from the past, that I grew up with, like Tex & Buddy and Slim & Shorty. My life has been turned around now as I'm a married man, and my wife Sandra


Pete Smith Western Star  [More Info]
Already being hailed as his best Album to date "Western Star" is an Album that will stand the test of time for “Yodelling” Pete Smith. Pete has now joined the LBS group and his album is produced by Lindsay Butler who has captured Pete


Rachel Richards Beautiful Dreams  [More Info]
My Best Mate Bazza Salkeld who I love dearly (great Balladeer/songwriter in his own right) introduced me to the traditional side of Australian country music and I really loved it, Bush Ballads are so good because they are stories and adventures


Rachel Richards I'm A Country Girl  [More Info]
I'm A Country Girl In A Bush Ballad World, Weeping Willows, Chilla Seeney, Last Horse Standing, Old Gilbert, The Bundy Bear, Captain Moonlight, The Bushman's Song, The Drover, Crane Drivin' Girl, When The Rains Tumble Down In July, Coster You're A Le


Reg Poole Aussie Balladeer   [More Info]
Released September 2008 here is the new CD recorded at Redbak studios in Leeton NSW. Reg has been gathering songs for the project over the last few months. Some of the songs chosen have been written by the likes of John Williamson, Keith Jamieson, Sh


Reg Poole For the Love Of My Country  [More Info]
For The Love Of My Country, A Tribute To Slim, The Man In The Glass (Monologue), Halfway Home, Mount Isa, The Luggage Van Ahead, Ode To A Bull, A Grave Situation (Monologue), Long White Cloud, I Get So Lonely, I Love The Rodeo, Two Of You, Smile (Mon


Reg Poole Life  [More Info]
1. Grandpa's Little Girl 2. Old Soldier's Home 3. Super 8 4. Your Wedding Day 5. Ancient Mountains 6. If Everyone 7. With Love From Normandy 8. One One Was A Race Horse 9. Rodeo Heaven 10. Hello Silver Moon And Twinkling St


Reg Poole Rigs and Roads Rides Again  [More Info]
This 2005 re-issue of the classic trucking album by Reg includes 8 Bonus Tracks: Old Sixties Truckie, Truck Driver From Hell, The Bitumen's My Mistress, Click Go The Shears, Devil's Drive, Newell Highway Blues, The Man In The Mirror, The Truckie And


Reg Poole Selection Collection  [More Info]
The Selection Collection is a CD of all Poolie's original songs that have been recorded over the last 30 years. There is a good balance of variety on the CD with rodeo songs, truck songs, Bush Ballads and love songs and its something ...


Reg Poole Vintage Reg  [More Info]
Here's a selection of tracks from Reg's 35 years recording with Eric Watson's Selection Records label, including two of his Golden Guitar winning songs, "When The Big Mobs Came To Bourke" and "Warrumbungle Mare" and a couple of previously unreleased


Reg Poole When The Big Mobs Came To Bourke  [More Info]
Out of print for a little while and now reissued April 2004 in new cover with 19 Songs, Track List: Those Moleskin Mates Of Mine, Frenchy Duval, The Night O’Leary Died, Brewery Flat, Where The Brumbies Come To Water, Out At The Back Of Bourke, Salt,


Rod Williams A Big Wide Country  [More Info]
Rod Williams is a name well known to the eastern states of Australia, as an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and recording artist. Born and raised in Queensland, Rod's music career began in 1980 and is still going strong today writing and recording


Ron Sadler Songs Of My Bush Balladeer Heroes   [More Info]
Released April 2004. Track List: Banjo My Hero, Tex And Buddy, Bunkhouse Buddies, White Faced Cattle, One Last Look, Country Ways, Leaning Post, Jodie, You'll Do Me Mate, Thank You, Plains Of Peppermintardi, Old Aboriginal Stockman, If Those Lips Cou


Sharon Smith The Road of Life  [More Info]
Sharon hails from Pittsworth in Qld, plays guitar and bass and has been performing since 2001. This is her first CD - an all Australian effort well produced by Lindsay Waddington from Kross Kut Records. Being the Australian Bush


Slim Newton From Bush Ballads to Bulldust  [More Info]
Slim’s album, released through Dingo Track Records, was produced by his son Steve. The CD features two Stan Coster songs, an original penned by his partner, Mary Holdom called “My Best Mate” (a song about her father). Slim also wrote seven of the tra


Slim Newton That's the Kind Of Life I Live  [More Info]
Here's a brand new 2011 album from The "Redback" man who won a Golden Guitar in 1973 for the Redback on The Toilet Seat, and in 2009 was elevated to the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown. Recorded at the Enrec Studios in Country Music Capital


Stan Coster The Best of Stan Coster  [More Info]
With all tracks written by Stan, and selected by Tracy Coster, this is a great overview of “the Henry Lawson of the Bush” and his best loved works. All tracks re-mastered. Includes Three Rivers Hotel, Catching Yellowbelly In The Old Barcoo, Fire of G


Tom Maxwell Acquaintances and Memories DVD  [More Info]
Born a Travelling Man, Life On The Road, Back To Camooweal, Mount Isa Rodeo, Everythingthat Glitters is Not Gold, Reasons To Quit Bandy The Rodeo Clown, Old Cowboys Never Say Goodbye Plus Bonus interview with an old rodeo rider... Ock Remphr


Tom Maxwell Bushmans Dreaming  [More Info]
Well here it is my 9th album. I hope you enjoy the selection of songs I’ve chosen for this CD. The Saddle Is His Home, Pictures of Home, Maggie, Half the Man, Drowning My Blues, Georgina’s Son, Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold, Picture In A Frame


Tom Maxwell Further Out  [More Info]
1. Back to Camooweal, 2. The Longyard to Longreach, 3. Life On The Road, 4. Finke River Blues, 5. Kings Without A Crown, 6. Tracks Left In The Dirt, 7. Where I Wanna Be, 8. Moving Memories, Movin' On, 9. Mount Isa Rodeo, 10. Only A Bushman W


Tom Maxwell On The Road  [More Info]
Walk A Country Mile, By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals,, Kelly's Offsider, Gumtrees By The Roadway, Things Are Not The Same On The Land, Coley, God Must Have Been A Cowboy, The Lady Is A Truckie, Jodi, Axemark On The Gidgee, Homestead Of My Dreams, Brown Bo


Tom Maxwell Rodeo Wind   [More Info]
Tom is not a songwriter, so he relies on others to provide the material, and his three previous albums have been good efforts, but this one makes a big leap musically. There's a lot more variety in the songs, even featuring the old Lefty Frizzell/Wh


Tom Maxwell Sing Me Another Bush Ballad  [More Info]
Growing up in a small rural town in Central Western NSW, Tom’s enduring passion with Bush Ballads coupled with his lifelong experiences culminated over the years, has molded the Artist before us today. His fresh new approach to this uniquely Aust...


Tom Maxwell Sometimes  [More Info]
Each Time I Hear A Train, Rodeo Romeo, Roan Stag In The Lead, Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy, Young Australian Ringers, One Lifetimes Not Enough, Fair Enough, Every Road I Travel, Throw Yourself On Him And Ride, May There Always Be A Drover, Decent Steel, So


Tom Maxwell Spread Your Wings  [More Info]
1. One More Time, 2. I’ve Seen His Face Before, 3. Ride On Down This Road, 4. My Home On The Sunburnt Plains, 5. The Stockman, 6. Home In Dirrinbandi, 7. If You Never Spread Your Wings, 8. I’ll Just Be A Drifter Till I Die, 9. Bareback, 10.


Tracy Coster Coster Country   [More Info]
Released July 2004, Tracy pays tribute to her father Stan Coster recording some of his best songs, solo and with friends. Back To The Saltbush Plains (With Anne Kirkpatrick), The Bushman's Song, Old Bush Barbeque, You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's


Tracy Coster Moving On  [More Info]
"One thing I have learned, is that life and music is constantly changing. I feel this album expresses exactly where I am at in every aspect of my life right now!! It's a whole new sound for me, much more grass roots, acoustic and folk influence


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 10  [More Info]
1. Rachel Richards Beautiful Dreams 2. Evan Platschinda Travelling Australia 3. Lex K. Hobnail Blootcher Boots 4. Margaret Rackley The Old Bullock Bell 5. Greg Bain What About Him 6. Dianne Lindsay Kelly's Offsider 7. Peter Simpson And


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 11  [More Info]
1. Dean Perrett- Rain Rain Rain, 2. Rachel Richards - Great Australian Bush, 3. Ernie Constance - Silent Crosses, 4. Dianne Lindsay - Jackie Howe, 5. Les Lawson - Just A Dream, 6. Kate Linke - No Biscuits in the Tin,


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 12  [More Info]
1. DOUG McINTYRE Carrathool Races 2. DIANNE LINDSAY & PETER SIMPSON Rusty It’s Goodbye 3. DAVID BALDI Hittin’ The Murray 4. KALESTI BUTLER The Closing Of The Day 5. JOHN BATTLE Old Toll Bar Road 6. THE RHYMER FROM RYDE (Bush Verse) That's


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 4  [More Info]
Tex Buddy And Slim (Nathan Charlton), Alec Smith (Keith Jamieson), Drovers Boy (Gina Brisky), Mark The Coloured Drover (Rick Hopkins), Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along (Pete Smith), Ode To A Bull (Trevor Day), Kooroongarra (Reg Briskey), Yodel


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 5  [More Info]
First Winter Rains (Anita Ree), Dad The Bushman (Rick Hopkins), Old Dance Hall (Reg Briskey), The Storm (Gina Briskey), Corn Beef Tom (Charmaine Pout), Cecil Pearce (Dusty Page), Little White Crosses (Tim Abra), The Inland Of Australia (Doug Dayman),


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 6  [More Info]
You've Got To Go West Young Fella (Matt Manning), Muddy Mary River (Anita Ree), Harry Redford-The White Bull From Aramac (Double Decker Dave), Middleton Hotel (Graham Rodger), The Blue Gum Ball (Keith Jamieson), Sandy Kid (Jeff Brown), The Aussie Cha


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 7  [More Info]
First released January 2006. track List: Jeff Gibson - My Old Cooloolah Home, Ashley Cook - Ride Ringer Ride, David Croser -Teach Me, Show Me, I Can Do My Part, Graham Rodger - Where The Cooper Flows, Terry and Jenny Bennetts - The Soldier With His


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 8   [More Info]
The 2007 collection of Bush Balladeers is now available. Track List and Artists: Julie Perandes - Me And Moonlight, Matt Manning -Bullockies Daydream, Jeff Gibson - The Three Horse Dray, Nathan Charlton -The Drovers Are Back, Anita Ree- Saltwater Cre


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 9  [More Info]
The Australian Bush Balladeers Compilation album along with The Balladeers Bulletin, have become a major part of the united effort to promote Bush Ballad artists and their music throughout Australia and the world. Here’s Volume 9, the 2008 collection


Bec Hance Proud of My Country   [More Info]
1. RM Williams Boots 2. Brand New Daddy 3. Modern Day Swaggie 4. In QLD (feat Sharon Benjamin) 5. Proud Of My Country 6. Canola 7. Albert Campbell 8. If Only You (feat Cameron Mason) 9. Nothin' More To Say 10. Old Lady 11. The Good Song 12


Bob Easter Land Of The Big Blue Sky  [More Info]
Bob Easter epitomises the heart and spirit of Australian country. Growing up in a rural community, young Bob watched and listened as his father sang and played his guitar; and this was the start of a life long affiliation with Australian Country Musi


Brian Letton For The Farming Families  [More Info]
Farming Families, Grandfather's Immigrant Eyes, Give Me Australia, No Less A Man, There's Work To Be Done, For Old Time's Sake, A Man Of The Land, Some Things A Man Can't Fight, The Return, Just Ask The Saddler, Will We Still Really Be Australian, We


Brian Letton The Gift Of Christmas  [More Info]
Christmas, Aussie traditional style. Track List: Mary's Boy Child, Silver Bells, Blue Christmas, Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy, Christmas, I Remember Christmas In The Bush, Silent Night, The Gift, An Old Christmas Card, The Merry Christmas Polka, The


Brian Letton The Land Of Waltzing Matilda  [More Info]
The 11th release by the Man From WA and another excellent Bush Ballad production from the LBS studios. Brian's easy vocal style has won him numerous fans over recent years.


Brian Letton The Man From WA  [More Info]
I’m Aussie All Over, Nobody’s Queen, I’m Movin’ On, I’m Back In The Doghouse Again, Song Of The River, Eight O’clock Blues, When We First Fell In Love, My Bushland Home, Somebody Cares, Sounds Of The Bush, One Two Three Waltz, The Place That I Call H


Brian Young People & Places I've Known  [More Info]
The Land Of The Gagudju Man, Riversleigh Run, No More Restless Boots, Wilcannia Ball, Big Old Gulf Land, I Will Still Love You, Reading This Letter, I'm Glad I Lived My Youth Back When I Did, The Mighty Kalkadoos, They Say In Kajabbi Their Railway Is


Brian Young Voice Of The Outback  [More Info]
First issued 1992. Track List: Kakadu, Big Old Gumtree, Darby's Castle, Waiting In The Wings, Broke, Ships Of The Desert, Round & Round, Land Of My Birth, I'm Not Too Proud, Champion In The Making, The Era Is Not Over Yet, Let's All Give It A Go.


Charley Boyter Take Me Back To The Country  [More Info]
First Issued January 1998. Track List: Please Tell Me Darling, Charley The Rodeo Clown, Take A Chance On Romance, Take Me Back To The Country, Legends Of Guitar, I Told A Lie To My Heart, The Man Who Steadies The Lead, If Only, Jenny's Song, Winterwi


Charley Boyter The Sunset is Red  [More Info]
One of Slim's guitarists, with an album of bush ballads and instrumentals. Sure to be a favourite with fans of Aussie traditional balladeers.


Ernie Constance Boots N All  [More Info]
First Issued June 1996. Track List: What Can I Do For Australia, Liveringa Station, Sunday Morning Song, I'm A Dinkum Aussie, Lonesome You & Me, Every Road I Travel, Men of Timber, What's So Wrong With That? The Hardest Man On Earth, Boots 'n All, Th


Ernie Constance Colours Of A Song  [More Info]
First Issued February 1999 - #5 LBS Bush Ballad Series. Track List: Colours Of A Song, The Sundown Cup, Auntie Clara, The Old Place, Picaninny Playin', The Strength Within Us All, Lonely Motel Room, Leaning Post, An Angel In Disguise, Families On The


Ernie Constance When The Currawongs Come Down  [More Info]
Where The Snowy Mountains Rise, Partners & Mates, I Talk To You, Monaro Rain, You Are Everywhere, Short Cut Sam, Saddle Up & Ride, Walk Away, She Deserves better, I Wish I Could Go Back, Little Blue Eyes, When The Currawongs Come Down.


Gavan Arden Aussie Country  [More Info]
Winner of T.I.A.R.A. award for best bush Ballad 1999 with "Burnt Out and Dried Up Old Ringers". Track List: Cooper Creek Reflections, The Mates I Left Behind, Looking for Roses, A Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up, Down Along the River, He Dreamed of Being Ma


Gavan Arden Calling Me On  [More Info]
Released 2003. Track List: Freedom Through The Gate, Calling On Me, A Bit Too Old For Yodelling, The Omeo Kid, Going Home, Riding In The Bar, Here's To The Country Singers, An Old Style Song, My Wave Hill Spurs, On A Murrumbidgee Bend, Gear-Grinder B


Gavan Arden Still On The Track  [More Info]
My Joseph Rodgers Knife, On Behalf of the Meek, The Last Anniversary, Country Shows Up There, The Old Bush Writer, My Pledge of Love, Gone Fishin', High Country Letter, The Will, Andy Dear, Love You till I Die, Away To The Bush.


Graham Rodger Steering Wheel Drovers  [More Info]
Graham’s debut album, from July 1998, contains all original material written by Graham himself about people and places throughout the outback and his patriotic view of our country, its people and our lifestyle, shines through on every track.


Graham Rodger The Colours Of Australia   [More Info]
Released August 2002, this is the second album of all original material written and recorded by Graham at the LBS studios. Track List: The Snowy Mountain Riders, Going Back To Alice, A Country Way Of Doing Things, The Lady And The Rodeo Man, The Colo


Jeff Brown Collectors Edition 2CD (I Remember Gordon Parsons / The Open Road)  [More Info]
I Remember Gordon Parsons. first Issued February 1998 and The Open Road, issued 2008 including some songs from his trucking repertoire. 14 track selection of top Aussie balladeer material.


Jeff Brown Poverty Liner   [More Info]
Released at Tamworth 2002; Track List: Poverty Liner, Home Is Waiting For You, Contented & Free, The Stockwhip & Spur, I'm Goin' Back To The Barcoo, The Pittsworth Blues, He Looked To Be Australian To Me, The Highway's This Drifters Home, Where The B


Keith Jamieson The Year 2000 Australian Bushman  [More Info]
The Year 2000 Australian Bushman, Dreamtime Country, Let's All Buy Australian, Coal Mining Man, Modern Day Henry Lawson, The Beer With No Pub, Gordonstone, Country Clowns, Drought Of The 90's, Winton Outback Festival, Road Train Drover, Kingston Town


Keith Jamieson Troy's Memory   [More Info]
Released at Tamworth 2002; Track List: Solar Powered Ringer, Howard, Bush Ballad Rock, One Tree Plain, Old Time Ringer, Alec Smith Pick Up Man, I Leave You A Song, The Roma Oil Rig Man, He's A Bushman, Len Cant The Drover, Overnighter, Troy's Memory


Melissa Bajric Believe In Me  [More Info]
A country girl through and through, Melissa Bajric is the fresh new face of Australian Country Music. Born in 1984, Melissa was raised in a small village named Heddon Greta near the vineyard regions of the Hunter Valley in NSW. Melissa’s love for cou


Reg Poole From The Cradle To The Saddle/Women of The West  [More Info]
The Warrumbungle Mare - From The Cradle To The Saddle - Sheep-O – Joe Timbery - A Blaze Upon His Face - Lassetter Rides Again - The Ballad Of Big Pedro - Meet Me Tonight In Wheago - 18 Down Beneath Me - Paper Tombstones - Kanyaka - It's A Big Country


Reg Poole Goin' Rodeoin' Again  [More Info]
First Issued 1994. Track List: Chainsaw, Circle Of Sawdust, Those Rodeo Blues, Coley, Goin' Rodeoin' Again, Rusty The Rodeo Clown, Way Back In '64, I'm A Rodeo Man, My Hero The Rodeo Clown, Stumpy, Rodeos Don't Turn Me On Anymore, Return Of The Bullr


Reg Poole Goin’ Rodeoin' / Rodeo Fever  [More Info]
Two albums combined on one CD. Track List: Goin' Rodeoin' - Rodeo Man - 15 Hundred Pounds Of Bull - The Rodeo Queen - Heroes Of The Circuit - Down In The Well - Shepparton Rodeo - The Winner's Crown - Singing Rodeo Rider - Rodeo Cowboys - Maguire The


Reg Poole Old Mates & Chute Gates  [More Info]
First Issued August 1995. Track List: Some Call Us Heroes, The Love Of The Game, Nod And Ride, Old Mates And Chute Gates, Pick Up Man, No One Cares, One More Rodeo, I'm A Bull Rider, You Won't See Me For Dust, Family Rodeo, Moth Eaten Memories, Bull


Reg Poole The Cream Of Australian Country  [More Info]
1. Where Country Is 2. Where The Lazy Mumbidgee Wends It's Way 3. Beautiful Queensland 4. Saddle Boy 5. Roper River 6. Prairie Rose 7. Back To Those Rollin' Plains 8. Call Of the Bellbird 9. Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along 10. Ba


Ron Sadler Songs Of The Days Of The Old Kero Tin  [More Info]
The Old Kero Tin, Homestead Of My Dreams, My Heart Is Where The Roper Flows Tonight, Music In My Ponies Feet, Bushman's Song, Wonder Valley, Some Things A Man Can't Fight, White Crosses In The Jungle, The Old Man's Kingdom.. more info for full track


Stan Coster Come Back To The Bush  [More Info]
Come Back To The Bush, Homestead Of My Dreams, The Red & White Heifer, Travelling Vaudeville, Sale Day At St Lawrence, The Mailman's Mate, The Old Axeman, Take Me Back Again To Nockatunga, Playground Of The South, To An Old Stock Man, My Old Hat, Not


Stan Coster I Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids  [More Info]
Just A Little Girthy, The Saxby Rodeo, A Drifter With No Destiny, Fingers, Wealth Made Us Poor, A Daylight Saving State, They'll Never Beat The Bunny, Coley, When The Big City Sleeps, Happy In My Madness, Song of the Forky Stick, I Wouldn't Be Dead


Stan Coster Only A Bushman Would Know  [More Info]
Only A Bushman Would Know, Stockmates, Dorothy Ballads & Beer, Schulzie's Mountain, When The Desert Flowers Bloom, Australian Bushmen, The Old Rocking Horse, Lead Me Down To The Stockyard, He's A Good Bloke When He's Sober, The Bushman's Song, Return


Stan Coster Remember The Time  [More Info]
Coster's Golden Guitar winning album features Lawson's Loaded Dog, Darky Grant The Mailman, The Time Machine, You're A Better Man Than I Am Gunga Din, If This Old Pub Could Talk, The Barkly Brute, Catchin' Yellow Belly,


Stan Coster V1 The Original Stan Coster 2CD  [More Info]
These are reissues of Stan's earlier Opal recordings. Vol 1 contains the albums "My People" and "Songs From A Wanderer's Pen". More info for track list.


Tom Maxwell Songwriters Salute  [More Info]
LBS Bush Ballad Series. Track List: Diesel In My Veins, The Pioneers Reward, You're The Driving Force, You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother’s Eyes, Whatever Turns You On, Notches On The Tin, The King The Saddle & Me, Through An Old Bushman's Eyes, Litt


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 2  [More Info]
First Issued January 2001 Track List: Faces On The Rocks (Bluey Francis), Old Goodooga Track (Rick Aitchison), You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes (Lorainne Pfitzner), The Old Kero Tin (Ron Sadler), Bush Ballads Forever (Keith Jamieson), Leichha


Various Artists ABBA Aust Bush Balladeers Assn Vol 3  [More Info]
Volume 3 of the Aust Bush Balladeers Assoc compilations of new balladeer recordings. Track List and Artists: Come And Have A Beer Mate (Dave MacCallum), Harold Clifford Young (Laura Downing), Old Time Shearer (Rick Hopkins), Track Mates (Lynne B


Tom Maxwell On The Road Vol 2  [More Info]
The new album follows the successful Ray Rose tribute album Sing Me Another Bush Ballad. Tom is no stranger to the road life these days spending several months each year travelling in most States and the Northern Territory before returning to home


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