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The Missing Slim Dusty Albums

We often get enquiries about Slim Dusty titles that are not listed here in the online store, but may be listed in books or articles about Slim. Releases like A Guitar and A Hat, Sings His Favourite Songs and so on. These are non-EMI titles and are just simply out of print, having run the course of their licensing contracts and have never been issued on CD.

In August 2006 EMI moved to tidy up the remainder of Slim’s catalogue. A number of titles were only available on double CD issues. These doubles have now been deleted but they are now issued as single CD issues “for the first time”.


The double CD titles that are now deleted are with links to the now separate titles …

Aussie Sing Song / Another Aussie Sing Song

King Of Kalgoorlie / Stories I Wanted to Tell

Things I See Around Me / On The Move

Songs From the Cattle Camps / Songs In The Saddle

Give Me The Road / Truck On The Track

Down The Dusty Road / Old Time Drover’s Lament

Land Of Lots Of Time / Song Of Australia

With Songs of Australia now issued for the first time in it’s original form


The Vintage LPs volumes One - five are now rolled into the one 3CD set the Regal Zonophone Collection. As for the non-EMI releases these will remain only as second hand LPs to be searched out at second hand shops, car boot sales and on the Internet. They don't sit around long, as there are a lot of fans after these releases to complete collections.


In December 2006, 22 titles were deleted from the Slim Dusty CD catalogue, removing compilations that carried songs available on other releases, effectively leaving just the original studio albums and a couple of collections and a few classic Live recordings.


Here is the list of these deleted titles that are no longer in print. We are now OUT OF STOCK of all deleted titles.


  • LAND HE CALLS HIS OWN 3CD  – 1992 compilation. All tracks featured on other CD’s
  • LAND OF LOTS OF TIME – late 90’s compilation
  • THE ANNIVERSARY ALBUM NO.2  1943-1993  - early 90’s compilation
  • ENCORES – late 60’s compilation
  • I HAVEN'T CHANGED A BIT – early 80’s compilation
  • TRAVELLIN' GUITAR  - early 90’s compilation
  • SONGS FROM DOWN UNDER – 80’s compilation
  • TRAVELLING COUNTRY MAN – mid 70’s compilation
  • TALK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES – late 90’s compilation
  • No. 50 - THE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY ALBUM  - 80’s Best Of compilation…
  • DUSTY TRACKS – compilation (mostly unavailable tracks)
  • DOWN THE DUSTY ROAD – late 90’s compilation
  • THIS IS YOUR LIFE – was available on cassette only – Mid 70’s Best Of compilation
  • I'LL TAKE MINE COUNTRY STYLE – mid 80’s  compilation
  • COUNTRY LIVIN'  - late 80’s compilation
  • OLD TIME DROVER'S LAMENT   EARLY Slim  tracks/  compilation
  • SONG OF AUSTRALIA - Compilation / mostly a repeat of   ‘Songs Of Australia’ album  
  • WAY OUT THERE  -  Mid 70’s compilation
  • DINKI-DI AUSSIES – Mid 70’s compilation

February 2010 Various Artists - Not So Dusty (Bonus Edition with second disc of Slim singing the original versions) taken out of production by EMI.


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