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June Holm, Zeta Burns, Joan O’Farrell - Memories Of Home

The 6 tracks of June Holms on this CD were recorded in January 1942, although she recorded many more tracks for radio use, these 6 tracks were all that was released commercially to the public. June was well known throughout the world and at one stage America claimed she had the strongest yodel in the world. The 8 tracks by Joan O'Farrell were recorded in 1954, Joan had appeared on Amateur Hour in 1948, she won a contest as the yodelling champion in 1949, and successfully appeared on Amateur Hour as a duo with her sister in 1950 as 'The O'Farrell Sisters', when she recorded she was a country girl in a big city and had never been in a recording studio. The masters of these 14 tracks are no longer in existence and we have done the best we could with what 78's were available. Zeta Brose never recorded in her early years although she, like June did record for radio use, it was not until 1980 when working on the June Holm's Memorial Fund that she recorded for commercial use and recorded under her married name of Zeta Burns.

1...Mother. Pal And Sweetheart - June Holm 2...Over The Hills - Zeta   Burns    3...Yodelling Coon - Joan O'Farrell 4...Shepherds Yodel Song - O'Farrell 5...Song Of Queensland - June Holm 6...Shearer's Jamboree - Zeta   Burns    7...Daddy Was A Yodelling Cowboy - June Holm 8...Highland Yodel - Joan O'Farrell 9.... Moonlight On The Trail – Joan O'Farrell 10...Tribute To June Holm - Zeta   Burns    11...Happy Yodelling Cowgirl - June Holm 12...Swiss Miss Yodel - Joan O'Farrell 13...Memories Of June Holm - Zeta   Burns    14...Mocking Bird Yodel - Zeta   Burns    15...My Pinto Pony And I - June Holm 16...Lullaby My Mother Sang To Me - June Holm 17...Memories Of Home - Joan O'Farrell 18...Pioneering Days - Joan O'Farrell 19...Remember June Holm - Zeta   Burns    20...Mother. Pal And Sweetheart - Joan O'Farrell


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